Certificate Programs

Accounting/Information Management -  1 Year
PHILOSOPHY: Designed to meet the demands of the modern business office, this certificate enables the student to better manage information in the typical office setting and to be an integral part of the accounting process
Students will:
1. Demonstrate appropriate level knowledge of basic business principles. 
2. Apply basic generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). 
3. Apply basic computerized accounting skills. 
4. Demonstrate application of fundamental business math skills. 
5. Demonstrate the appropriate level technological skills used in the business accounting environment.

Program Sheet


Building Trades - 2 Year
PHILOSOPHY: The building trades department provides the student with a comprehensive education in Carpentry. This program is designed to meet the growing need for experienced carpenters to build Tribal housing and other commercial structures. In addition to specific carpentry skills, students will gain proficiency in such areas as the work ethic, job application and basic education skills.
Students will:
1. Learn the proper safety procedures for use and handling of equipment.
2. Demonstrate the basic skills in using computer aided drafting software.
3. Demonstrate carpentry skills required to: a. Frame floors, walls and roofing
4. Demonstrate carpentry skills required to: a. Apply roof shingles and siding
5. Applying mathematical and algebra skills to complete basic construction projects.

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Hospitality/Customer Relations - 1 Year
PHILOSOPHY: The Hospitality/Customer Relations program will prepare students to work in for-profit and non-profit organizations. Basic skills in customer relations, casino operations, and hospitality will prepare the student to become proficient in working with the general public in both tribal and non-tribal settings. 
Students will: 
1. Develop skills in written and oral communication. 
2. Develop necessary skills in the areas of communications and customer service. 
3. Develop the skills that are necessary to work at an entry-level position for customer service or hospitality, including positions in retail, hotel, and gaming industries.

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Pre-Engineering - 1 Year
PHILOSOPHY: In order to meet the evolving field of engineering and construction, Stone Child College offers a one-year certification program in pre-engineering assistantship. The college believes that engineers of the future will continue to rely on fundamental engineering science and contemporary computational tools to guide their choices. This program of study emphasizes rigor in engineering science, design, and application. The program will prepare students for professional practice in the engineering industry.
Students will:
1. Use computer aided drafting software.
2. Perform survey work including a. layout b. topographical leveling c. differential leveling d. transfer of elevations from one benchmark location to another
3. Solve problems which require trigonometry and calculus for solution
4. Apply fundamental physics laws and concepts.

Program Sheet


Pre-Nursing - 1 Year
PHILOSOPHY: The Pre-Nursing certificate program is designed to provide basic education in the pre-nursing field for those students who are planning on transferring to a Montana State University – Northern for their nursing associate or baccalaureate degree programs. In this certificate program, students will focus specifically on the general education and basic knowledge in the nursing field and nutrition. A graduate of this certificate program will be a candidate for transfer into the Pre-Nursing program at MSU-Northern. Native American traditional knowledge will be integrated into the coursework.
Student will:
1. Discuss the concepts of nursing as a profession.
2. Define the identified roles and functions of the nurse.
3. Utilize the Code of Ethics, Standards of Clinical Nursing Practice, and Standards of Professional Practice to determine solutions to ethical problems.
4. Discuss verbal and nonverbal communication.
5. Develop a personal wellness care plan using the nursing process.

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Rural Health - 1 Year
PHILOSOPHY: This curriculum is designed to give students an opportunity to explore Native Community issues in a tribal college setting. The goal of this program is to educate students about healing individuals and communities using traditional and western approaches.
Students will:
1. Explore intergenerational trauma and its effects on Native individuals and Native Communities.
2. Examine Native Cree practices to heal individuals.
3. Learn about traditional Cree practices to work with and heal Rural Indigenous Communities.
4. Practice western skills of communication and counseling.
5. Understand the importance of case management in reservation settings.

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