Foundation & Research

The Foundation and Research Department was created by President Steve Galbavy and approved by the Stone Child College (SCC) Board of Regents in September 1996. The Stone Child College Foundation was founded in the desire to create a means of support for the development of a on-reservation post-secondary education and thus improve the quality of life on the Rocky Boy's Indian Reservation. The SCC Foundations & Research Department was created for the sole purpose of securing the future of Stone Child College and the Chippewa Cree people. The Foundation is a non-profit tax-exempt organization under section 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.

April Dawn Stamper Memorial Scholarship

This fund is currently assisting college students that are Chippewa Cree tribal members with assistance to purchase required textbooks. Students that have no financial resources except PELL, SEOG, FWS, or loans may apply for this scholarship. There is a limit of three(3) semesters/quarters for books scholarships from this fund, which will allow time for students to find other funding. This fund also helps students pay for GED Testing.

Fine Arts Scholarship

Contact Marilee Russell at 406-395-4313 concerning this fund.

Gilbert Belgarde Memorial Scholarship

Contact Gilberta Belgarde concerning this fund.

Margaret "Peggy" Nagel Memorial Scholarship Fund

Margaret "Peggy" Nagel was born into the Chippewa Cree Tribe of Montana's Rocky Boy Indian Reservation on July 5, 1953. She was a third-generation of the original members of her tribe. She was working on a Doctoral Degree from the University of Washington, at the time of her death in December of 1994.

In 1983, Peggy along with the Tribal Elders and other educational leaders of her tribe, founded Stone Child College - a long time dream of the Chippewa Cree people. Peggy was the founding President of Stone Child College and served as President until her death.

Scholarship Criteria: Student must be a sophomore or higher, Native American enrolled full time at a college of their choice. Student must have 3.0 Grade Point Average (G.P.A.).

For more information about the Peggy Nagel Memorial Scholarship Fund, contact Mike Ley or Ivy Meyers at 406-395-4313.

Native American Studies Scholarship Fund

This fund is used for scholarships for students entering into the Native American Studies field.

Scholarship Criteria: Student must be a Chippewa-Cree, college junior or higher, majoring in the Native American Studies field, must have a 3.0 GPA, and must be culturally involved within the community. Students may be attending a college of their choice.

For more information concerning the Native American Studies Scholarship Fund, contact Robert Murie at 406-395-4313.

Stone Child College Alumni Fund

Students must have graduated from Stone Child College. Since 1986, Stone Child College has graduated 513 students. At this time, Stone Child College has 64 full-time employees of which 32 of those employees being past SCC graduates. This fund was created in 1998 and it's intention is to assist SCC graduates to obtain a 4 year degree. To date we have not dispensed any funds from the SCC Alumni.

Stone Child College Endowment Fund

The community and student population Stone Child College serves is largely low income Native Americans. To continue its work, Stone Child College will need financial support from SCC foundations and individual donors. Your donation can help Stone Child College maintain the quality programs and to reach out to more needy Native American students. The Endowment Fund is used to supplement infrastructure expenses, it is also used to provide scholarships. Only the income earned from the Endowment Fund is used for these expenses, the principle is never touched.

Women in Science Scholarship Fund

This fund will be used for women going into the biological or natural science fields. This fund was created in 1998. To date, we have not dispensed any funds from the Women in Science.

Scholarship Criteria: Student must be a SCC student majoring in the biological or natural sciences, and must have a 3.0 GPA. A letter of recommendation from the SCC Science Instructor is required. Students must be actively engaged in applying their scientific education to meet a community need on the Rocky Boy's Reservation.

All of the above scholarships are a result of donations by individuals and donors. Anyone interested in donating to any of these funds can contact Clarice Morsette at (406) 395-4875 ext.266 or send donation to:

Stone Child College
8294 Upper Box Elder Road
Box Elder, MT 59521