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Tuition Fees


Fee Definitions

A full listing of current tuition, fees, and other college-related expenses is available at either the Admissions or Business Office and will be posted in each semester course schedule.

Admission Fee
A one-time admission fee of $10 will be assessed for those students entering Stone Child College for the first time. The admission fee is not refundable.

Building Fee
A building fee (depending on number of credits) is collected for the purpose of facility rental, expansion, improvement, and maintenance.

Computer Fee
Though students may not be registered for computer courses, it is expected that the student body will use the computers for processing of class projects throughout the academic semester. A computer fee (depending on number of credits) is collected for equipment purchases, upgrades, repair, maintenance, and purchase of consumable computer supplies.

Lab Fee
Lab fees are charged for certain courses to defray the cost of consumable supplies such as paper, ink cartridges, art supplies or other required materials. The amount will be announced in the semester schedule of classes.

Other Fees
A fee classified as other will be charged to offset transportation costs provided to the students and Internet access fees. Our costs for these services are continually rising and a fee has been designated to offset the cost.

Late Registration Fee
There will be a late registration fee of $15.00. After the first week and up to the last day to register, the fee will be $30.00.

Non-Enrolled Fee
Students who are not enrolled members of a federally- recognized tribe, in accordance with the provisions of P.L.95-471 or who have not been a continuous resident of the Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation for one year, are subject to a non-enrolled fee of $15.00 per credit hour.

Registration Fee
A non-refundable registration fee is collected from each student each semester to help defray the cost of recording information on the student’s official records at Stone Child College.

Student Activity Fee
A student activity fee is collected for Student Government activities and development.

Tuition Cost
A fee charged per credit for instructional and general operating expenses. Refunds for tuition are based on number of weeks enrolled.

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