Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (K-8)




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Northwest Letter of Approval 

Supervising Teacher Handbook Updated January 2019

SCC Teacher Candidate Handbook Updated January 2019

Assessment Plan

SCC Teacher Education Preliminary Data Analysis Report

This schematic representation of the SCC Conceptual Framework is based upon the four Domains of our education department through the cultural lens of a Cree medicine wheel. This medicine wheel was selected as its description of the four directions and seasons was relevant and applicable to the four domains of the SCC teacher education program. Domain 1 is about focusing on the learner, which is where all learning begins. For the Cree medicine wheel, this season represents spring and birth and one’s connection to the physical space. Domain 1 is also concerned with the physical and emotional environments needed to best support learning for all learners. Domain 2 ensures that teacher candidates have the content knowledge needed to effectively teach. The Cree medicine wheel identifies this summer season as the time for cognitive growth and developing mental capacities. Domain 3 provides teacher candidates with multiple opportunities to develop skills in teaching the content and ensures that they are able to utilize a variety of teaching and assessment skills to meet the needs of each learner. The Cree medicine wheel describes this season, fall, as the time for emotional growth and a time of deeper understanding. The elements of Domain 4 relate to candidates’ professional development and leadership skills. One important aspect of professional growth is the ability to reflect on one’s practice and use this reflection to improve upon one’s skills. The winter season on the Cree medicine wheel is based upon reflection and a desire to understand.